TeraBox MOD APK v3.31.1 (Premium Unlocked, No Ads)

Terabox MOD APK

Terabox MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Download Terabox Premium Version for free from below given button.

More Information

App NameTerabox Premium
Updated9 July 2024
CompatibilityAndroid 5.0+
VersionV 3.31.1
App Size112 MB
CategoryFiles & Storage
DeveloperFlextech Inc.

Lovely people always love to capture their special moments and try to keep their precious data stored for life. To make this possible, not everyone has unlimited storage on their smartphone. It can be because of a low storage capacity or a less supportive device that leads unwillingly to the loss of their essential data.

Here comes our site, where we ease their difficulties by providing them with TeraBox MOD APK with unlimited cloud storage space. The MOD Terabox Premium version comes with ad-free browsing and maximum download speed, with a focus on data safety and privacy.

For those who don’t know about Terabox, let us help you understand it.

What is Terabox App?

Terabox Mod is an amazing cloud storage space that protects all the data files on your device and keeps them organised for users. When you need any of your files, you can simply back them up by searching for them with powerful AI technology.

Terabox MOD APK

Its standard app allows you to store up to 1TB of data, but the Terabox Premium free modded version offers unlimited storage, and you can save as much of your data as you need. This version also enables ad-free browsing, fast downloading speeds, and lag-free browsing. It also offers a tonne of premium features.

Modded Features

When you download the latest Terabox premium mod version, all of your worries just vanish. It has plenty of free premium features, and the details of some are given below.

Terabox mod apk features

Ads-Free Scrolling

With our terabox mod apk no ads version, you can have the freedom of 2 GB of free cloud storage, and your data will be stored at no cost. So your old days will be gone when you were always worried about running low on storage or having issues with ad interruptions.

Data Safety

It’s noteworthy to understand that its developer collects the data to improve security over time. Your data is safe from other 3rd party apps in our modded terabox unlocked apk version, so you can feel safe while downloading our app.

Automatic Backup

The other important feature that helps most of its users is that it enables them to turn on the “automatic backup” when they download the unlocked version. In this way, their photos, videos, music, and other data are automatically backed up in the premium version.

High Speed

When everyone’s time is essential, then waiting is a headache for many users. But with the terabox mod app version, one can speedily upload and download all necessary data.

Data Encryption

The data stored in the fully unlocked version of TeraBox is end-to-end encrypted, so there is no need to worry about privacy issues.

Share Files Easily

The terabox file download gives you a sharing option in the app where you can share data with friends as well. It saves time, and it is nothing different from sharing your data from your smartphone storage.

Video & Photo Backup

Terabox video and photo backup features enable you to store your data automatically. You don’t need to worry about losing your important files and other important data.

Videos Playback

It also gives the playback option for any of your video files, so it helps you find the required data in a short time.

Optimised Video Quality

Individuals who make high-quality videos are also eligible to store their data in 1080p quality. They no longer need to worry about compromising the quality of the video when downloading the Terabox video mod.

Easily Locate Files

With its latest easy-to-search option, the user has the convenience of finding any important file by simply searching it in the terabox storage cloud.

Sharing on Social Handles

When living in a world of social media, you also have the allowance of sharing your reels, videos, and photos on your social handles with terabox pro apk.

Create Custom Folders

The user can use a custom folder creation option, in which he can specify his needs to keep his files (photos and videos) stored accordingly in terabox apk.

Intelligently Classified Album

The terabox mod apk latest version automatically categorises the photos when the user uploads them, which helps him/her easily find them in a classified album.

Advanced Video Player

The user can easily play any video or audio online from the Terabox Mod you want to play in the multi-speed option. It also has the clarity to play the video in full HD (1080p).

Latest Enhanced Security

Terabox safety & privacy

One can completely rely on their latest security and safety features, so without any worry, the user can store his/her video, photos, or any other form of data. Simply download the premium version and enjoy the extra free storage space, as the terabox app is completely safe.

Ai-Enabled Management

The management of files in Terabox mod apk is very important for the users to find their files without any issue. As you know, Terabox helps you store your files in cloud storage so that it are easily accessible anywhere and anytime. But when you want to find something important to you, the AI enabled management helps you locate it quickly. It actively makes the necessary array of files and organises the files accordingly. It actually makes the journey easier by simply aligning all the formats and multimedia resolutions properly.

Screenshots of Terabox Mod

Below you will find a quick summary of the MOD Terabox app’s design along with screenshots, so you can see what the Terabox MOD APK looks like.

Standard Terabox VS Premium Terabox

Terabox Standard VS Terabox Premium Comparison

Here is a complete comparison between the free version and the premium version of TeraBox Mod Apk.

Features Standard Premium
Storage Space1 TB Storage2 TBs Storage
Remote File AccessWithout AccessComplete Access
Automatic BackupDoesn’t ExistThoroughly Exist
File StreamingAllowedAllowed
File Transfer EncryptionLimitedYes
AD-Free ExperienceNoFull AD-Free
Upload & Download SpeedVery LimitedHigh Speed
File Version ControlNo ControlFull Control
Priority Customer SupportDosen’t ExistExist Completely
SecurityNot SecureFully Secure

Pros & Cons of Terabox Mod Apk

The modification of any app offers plenty of free features; this is the same case with the Terabox cloud storage space mod version. Its modded version offers various premium features for free. However, sometimes it can be risky as well because it may contain malicious codes or other malware.

The ultimate choice of whether to use the Terabox mod app or not is totally up to you. I’ve given some pros and cons of the mod version of Terabox.


  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • AD-Free (Terabox without ads)
  • High Resolution of 1080p
  • Fast Upload & Download
  • Safe and Secure


  • Safe Storage of 200MB
  • Risk of Malware & Viruses
  • Account Ban Issues

Terabox Mod Apk Alternatives

Terabox is a cloud storage service that offers 1024GB of free cloud storage space to its users. It is the most commonly used storage space for those who want to upload larger files, such as photos, videos, or music. However, there are also many alternatives available with the same benefits and features.


Dropbox is also a cloud storage service that offers 2GB of free storage space. People can save their data easily in Dropbox, and it is also available for desktops, so one can have the option to use it on any device.


Onedrive is a storage service by Microsoft offers that comes with plenty of 5GB of free storage space. The users can buy more if they need to. People who already use other Microsoft services, like Office 365, often choose OneDrive.


Mega is an online storage service that gives you 50GB of free available space. This option is popular with people who need to keep a lot of data, like photos, movies, and songs. Mega is also famous for having strong security.


Google Drive also lets users store files in the cloud. If users need more space, they can buy it. It comes with 15GB of free storage. Fans of other Google services, like Gmail and YouTube, often choose Google Drive for its reliability.

Pros & Cons of Alternative Apps

To briefly understand the pros & cons of an alternative app, you can visit their website, but here we discuss their main pros and cons.


Read PC Mag’s full review on Dropbox for a comprehensive review of its pros and cons. Quick summary of the key points is provided below:

Extendable to 16 GB of free space with referralsOnly 2 GB free storage
Plenty of amazing featuresExpensive to upgrade
Fast download/upload speedComplex to use
Secure and reliable
Integration with other apps


Read PC Mag’s full review on OneDrive for a comprehensive review of its pros and cons. Quick summary of the key points is provided below:

Excellent integration with Microsoft 365Only 5 GB free storage
Greater file sharing features15 GB file size limit
Excellent photo managementLimited folder backup options
Secure and reliableExpansive to upgrade
PC, Mac, iOS, and Android Clients


See the full review of Cloudwards on Mega for a thorough look at the pros and cons. In short, here are the main key points:

End-to-end encryption with AES-128, TLSNot open source
15GB to 16TB free storageConfusing free plan
2FA supportNo live chat or phone support
Secure and reliableExpansive to upgrade
Mac, Windows, and Linux clients


See the full review of CloudMounter on Google Drive for a thorough look at the pros and cons. In short, here are the main key points:

15 GB Free storageRequires Internet connection
Excellent User interfaceFile size limits
Solid Data BackupLimitation of file size uploads daily
File Organisation and ManagementExpansive
SSL Encryption

How to Download TeraBox for Mobile?

To enjoy all the premium features of Terabox, you can download the terabox mod apk download file from our site, teraboxpro.com, with the help of the given step-by-step downloading guide.

You will find our site after searching for Terabox Mod Apk in your mobile internet browser.

While you visit the site, there will be a “Download Button.” Tap the button.

Now you will see 2 more buttons: Mobile Download and PC Download.

Click on the Mobile Download, and it will be downloaded in your mobile’s file manager.

Open your mobile settings and search for Unknown Sources; tap Allow.

Find the downloaded file in your file manager and tap to install it.

The file will be installed.

If you have an account, you can log in, and if you don’t, you can simply create one by clicking “Create an account” with your email address to use the Terabox mod apk.

How to Download TeraBox for Laptop/PC?

You can increase the storage of your laptop or PC if your system has low configurations by downloading TeraBox for PC Windows. I’ve given you an easy-to-download guide for your desktop.

Open the internet browser, and search for Terabox Download for PC

After visiting the site, you will see a Download Button, tap on the download button.

Tapping on the Download Button will automatically redirect you to the main download section on our site.

You will find two download buttons here. One is Downlaod for Mobile, and the other is Downlaod for Windows. Tap on Download for Windows.

An exe file will be downloaded on your PC/laptop after you click on it.

After clicking, the app will be installed, and a pop-up will appear. Tap Yes.

By clicking Yes here, a sign-up or log-in page will open on your screen. Enjoy unlimited free storage on your laptop/PC.

If you have an account, simply log in, and if do not have one, create one to enjoy the unlimited cloud storage

Common Download Errors and their Solutions

For the users who sometimes face errors while downloading the Terabox mod, we have given them solutions.

Slow Download Speed

  • Check the internet connection
  • Sometimes, because of high traffic, try to download at different time
  • Try to change the internet browser

The downloaded file is Corrupted

  • If your file is corrupt, simply try to download it again for your PC or mobile device.
  • If it’s still corrupt, download it from a different trusted source.

Interruption in Downloading

  • Make sure to have enough free space before downloading the file.
  • Restart your device
  • Have good speed internet
  • Download at different intervals of time

The Legality of Using TeraBox Mod Apk

Terabox mod legality

The legality of using the Terabox mod apk is not certain. The modification of any app is to unlock the premium features of the app. There is no law to prohibit the use of mod apks, but sometimes there may be an app’s terms of service violation. Terabox premium could terminate your account or take legal action against you. Weigh the risks before making a decision.

Is Terabox Safe?

Terabox is safe or not; it depends on the source where you downloaded it from. It’s safe to download from a reliable source or any reputable website. However, there may be malware or viruses if you download it from an unknown source.

Is terabox safe?

The second concern is that the official Terabox should support it because it has unlimited cloud storage space. It means if you have any problems with the mod apk, you will not have support from TeraBox. It can ban your account if you are violating the terms of service for Terabox by downloading the mod apk version of Terabox.

In short, it totally depends on your personal decision to use or not use the mod version of Terabox. If you have any concerns using the Terabox mod apk, the official Terabox app is best.

Wrapping Up

The modification of the official Terabox app is just to provide all the premium features for free. In the end, the choice remains yours to avoid it or use it according to your personal needs. If you don’t feel safe using the Terabox MOD, it is best to avoid it. And if you are satisfied with all the premium unlocked features of Terabox MOD APK, you can have access to it by downloading it from a trusted and reliable source.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we discussed some of the frequently asked questions about the Terabox app.

It is a modified version of the official Terabox app. The modification helps the users get the benefits of having unlocked premium features such as no ads, unlimited storage, fast downloads, and much more.

Generally, it is safe to use, but there may be some malware and other viruses. It will be wise to download the Terabox mod apk from a trusted source, scan it for viruses, and then install it.

You can have the advantages of ads free experience, unlimited storage, and other important features. It is totally free to download from our site.

I’ve given a step-by-step download guide to download the mod version of Terabox in our How to Download Guide. You can also visit the official site of Terabox to download the standard version.

Sometime, you can have the issue that your terabox may be not working properly. You need to check your internet connection, if it is not the problem with internet, you should delete the old version and download the latest file.

After you have downloaded the modded apk version, you can install it by following the steps mentioned.

  • Allow “Unknown Sources” on your device
  • Locate the apk file and install it by tapping on it.
  • Also, follow the on-screen options to complete the process.

Disclaimer: This blog provides information on using the Terabox Mod APK. However, it’s important to note that using modified APKs can carry security risks, and it’s generally a safe option to stick to official Android apps. We aim to give you a detailed understanding of the benefits and risks involved, so you can make an informed decision. If Terabox officials have any concerns about our content, feel free to reach out to us for assistance.